Casa Agua Alta

Located in the heart of Costa Careyes, Agua Alta is only a few steps away from ones of Mexico's most stunning beaches. 
Together with comfort, beauty and luxury, it is simply best place to enjoy a relaxing but also exciting holiday. 

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*Choose the number of Children if older than 3 years old.
For younger than 3 years old we will provide cradle or a small bed at no extra cost.

Get your board, Surfin’ TIME!

Whether you are just a passionate spectator or enjoy going surfing yourself, here you will have the best possibilities.
As the Careyes coast is located on the west side of Mexico on the pacific ocean, there couldn't be any better condition to get the perfect wave.

What are you waiting for? Join us for unforgettable moments.


Casa Agua Alta features a stunning mix of architectural styles that are the result of
a lifetime of traveling around the globe of its owners.
Every detail in the decoration has been planned to offer a balanced landscape of luxury and individual identity.
An elegant house that stands on its own, if covered in vibrant colours while offering the
subtetly and elegance of peacuful and intimate bedrooms. (Price x room x night)

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The house has two pools open to all guests, one perfect for a private suntan and
exercise while the other will be the delight of the family and friends.
The garden is one of the most beautiful creations of Costa Careyes and allows for a private ambiance.
The two living rooms and two dinning areas allow you to mix events or spend private time.
A well stacked library offers you options to relax by the pool or enjoy a late night drink.


The house is fully staffed with a housekeeper, cook and gardener.
They can help you in any way you need to make your stay perfect.
In addition, one of the owners will be available most of the time to welcome you
and offer you private insight on how best to enjoy Costa Careyes.


Mexico's most beautiful villas and castles next to the most breathtaking landscapes and beaches.
There's a beach restaurant with Mexican cuisine,
while in the near Careyes downtown you can choose between different cuisines
while enjoying the current art exhibition at the Brignonesca Art Gallery.

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Activities in Careyes

You can be here to relax, be on your own and enjoy some silence. If you have other plans this is also the place where you will never get bored, from sports to parties you will need another week of stay.
Careyes welcomes you.

Early Morning Yoga Training


We believe in the energy of our body and its importance as the focal point of our being, why we train every morning and we organize individual or group Yoga classes. Namaste.

Traditional Spectacles

You are in Mexico, the country that has hosted one of the most ancient civilizations. Uses and customs have been handed down over the centuries and able to make you live wonderful experiences through dances and traditional songs of these places.

From Dusk 'till Dawn Parties 

That's what happens in Careyes, beautiful people, beautiful place, unforgettable parties. It's what you've been looking for all your life and you'll find here in Careyes.

Tastful Treats

Careyes will delight you with many culinary opportunities, here the food is taken seriously. Drinks and natural cocktails, soft drinks or alcohol, with fresh fruit and ice. Please come early, you will not regret.

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